Mon 8th November 2021 - 7:15pm start

Off the Beaten Track — Rodney Sims (Zoom meeting, click here or use Meeting ID: 834 4339 6335, Passcode: 106265)

Mon 13th December 2021 - 7:15pm start

Oklahoma — Peter Berresford (Zoom meeting, click here or use Meeting ID: 890 0345 8908, Passcode: 530180)

Mon 10th January 2022 - 7:15pm start

Plants that I have owned and lost and some that I own today — Bryan Doherty (Zoom meeting, click here or use Meeting ID: 873 5893 6804, Passcode: 576058)

Mon 14th February 2022


Mon 14th March 2022

Western Cape: Part 1 — Les Pearcy

Mon 11th April 2022

Mexican Sedums — Ray Stephenson

Mon 9th May 2022

Patagonia — Cliff Thompson

Mon 13th June 2022

Mexico 2017 — Ian Woolnough

Mon 11th July 2022

More Meanderings in Mexico, when it goes wrong — Paul Spracklin

Mon 8th August 2022

Life and Death in the Desert — Trevor Wray

Mon 12th September 2022

My Year in Lockdown — Brian McDonough

Mon 10th October 2022

Tresco Abbey Gardens — John Hughes

Mon 14th November 2022

I is for... — Ian Robinson

Mon 12th December 2022

tbc — members ...and Christmas Social Evening

Mon 9th January 2023

Peru part 2 — Martin Lowry

Mon 13th February 2023

AGM ...and Plant Auction

Mon 13th March 2023

Fear and Cacti around Arizona — Peter Berresford

Macclesfield & East Cheshire Branch Meetings


Victory Hall
Town Lane,
WA16 7JQ


Second Monday of the month (unless this falls on Easter Monday).


7.00pm for 7.30pm

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